This website is a brief overview of HULL ARCHITECTURE and the desire for a better residential archiecture experience.  As owner/principal of my practice I will be the person you deal with from the beginning to the end.  From over 20 years experience in the field of Archiecture, Interior Design & Construction Management I have wore many hats as a project manager, project architect, interior design, construction manager, college instructor, marketing guru to sustainable consultant, I have a very diverse work experience to go along with my diverse education.


  • WHERE DO I START: Homeowners often want to remodel or build a home addition but can't decide where to begin the process. By taking a few minutes for a quick Consultation with myself, I will help you get started in the right direction. With being a design professional I do not sell other products, just my knowledge and know how to make your dreams a reality. 
  • WHAT ARE MY NEEDS: First I will sit down with you to discuss your current needs and with my years of experience and knowledge in Architecture & Interior Design, I help you develope those ideas into an updated functional working space for years of enjoyment to come. If at the end of the discussion I don't feel the project is feasable, I will let you know without hesitation.  The last thing anyone wants is a bad experience and loss of money.
  • HOW MUCH WILL MY RENOVATION COST:  After a Consultation we will have a better understanding of your current needs.  Then I will  be able lay out those ideas and developing a sketch of space and square footage requirements that will set you on the right path towards realization.  We will then have a better understanding of the renovation cost, and if then we decide to take another step I will gather a few contractors to submit their cost prosals.
  • WHO WILL HANDLE & ORGANIZE THE RENOVATION: I will. Just lIke any other home improvement contractor, there are great ones and lousy ones.  Let me handle everything from the design process, managing the construction phase, and then to completion.  
  • WHAT SETS ME APART: I hold my practice to the highest standards of Honesty & Quality of Work.  Once you have the chance to visit with me you will see the difference.